The Gen Y House Plan The Silent Classic House Plan The Google House Plan The Generation Gap House Plan
The Baby Boomer House Plan The Millennial House Plan The Boomerang House Plan The Mobile House Plan

The latest release of plans are in the new format of generation marketing titles, such as "The Gen Y", targeting a specific age group.


The Griffiths House Plan The Kallak House Plan The Forestview House Plan The Perry House Plan
The Burman House Plan The McMillan House Plan The Rafferty House Plan The Inlander House Plan
The Parklands House Plan The Bucknall House Plan The Ross House Plan The Stewart House Plan
The Male House Plan The Broad House Plan The Kaye House Plan The Mullins House Plan


Take a look at the range of house plans on offer from Maffescioni Homes and Design in Maryborough to find the dream home for you and your family. Using architect design consultants, we have produced a variety of modern house plans, house designs, and facades that you can select and modify to make your own. We understand that selecting floor plans for new homes can be an overwhelming task and are happy to meet with you to discuss the way your new home plans can be modified to meet your specific requirements.

When considering your new house plans it's not only important to choose one that meets your current needs but that will also suit you as your family grows or expands and as your needs change. Our innovative collection of architect house plans and design proposals can be individually customised to meet your requirements.


  • Lifestyle and family needs - depending on your family's cycle, stages and future plans i.e. a young couple may be planning for a family and younger children grow older and may need separate living areas.
  • Entertaining - do you want your new house plans to include formal dining or prefer relaxed family get togethers in open plan space around the kitchen?
  • You may be restricted by budget now but want to choose new home plans that allow for expansion in the future.
  • Think about where your family gathers - you may prefer a larger lounge room with big comfy couches and a fire place or a large sunny kitchen with lots of space.
  • Do your kids or you require a separate office space or nooks for privacy?
  • How do you use your outdoor space? You may need a large entertainment area or deck for barbecues and outdoor entertaining.

These are just some of the questions to consider when choosing new house plans for your home in Maryborough or around the Central Goldfields. Take a look at the house plans designed by Maffescioni Homes and Design and make an appointment to meet with us to discuss your needs. We can also help you with renovations and extensions as your builder Maryborough.

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